Black Piano is a member first company that strongly believes that talent is the core of business.

We are committed to providing the best to our members and we’re excited for you to join and be a part of the journey we will pave together.

We believe in an inclusive mindset and our values match.



We believe in giving as much as to our members and keep the margins low.

We believe in hiring the best of the talents and we give best in class compensation.

Irrespective of your your current salary, we match it to the best of class.


We believe in 8-hour work days and never encourage working beyond those hours unless necessary, in which cases you will be appropriately compensated.

We set these expectations with our clients and encourage our members to escalate if their timelines are making them work late hours or weekends.


We provide INR 5 Lac health insurance cover for you and your family and annual health check program.

We encourage our members to maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide health club or a gym membership.


Total of 34 leaves

You get 18 paid holidays, 8 festival holidays and 8 casual leaves

India a very diverse country (and we are proud of it) and our members come from all parts of India.

We respect their local traditions and their local festivals. We let you choose which festival holidays you would like to avail.

Apart from these, if you have worked additional hours for the customer,
you will also get compensatory holidays added to your holiday count



We provide work from home option for our members.


In this day and age, there is no need to travel to an office when you can efficiently work from home – this is our way of lowering the overall carbon footprint.


We want you to save those hours for your family and to pursue your hobbies, sports and contribute to betterment of environment.


We also help you set up a home office so that we have a right environment and tools to get your work done efficiently.


National Pension Savings Scheme


Provident Fund

Own a Laptop


Rudra Mandviwala

I joined Black Piano as an Executive right after completing my post-graduation. It has given a lot of exposure working with the friendliest and the most hard working team. Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn and grow in my professional life.

Rudra Mandviwala
Sarang Shisode

Across my 9+ years of work experience, Black Piano has been by far the best company I have worked with by quite a distance. In here, you are always challenged technically, awarded time to learn, implement and grow. The culture is the best part of the company, where the work force is trusted and genuinely appreciated.

Sarang Shisode
Rahul Saini

After my 10 years of work experience, I wanted to join a company with great values and clear goals. This has been such a wonderful journey so far as there is something new to learn each day. Great values as an organisation and always inclined towards employees growth. I am looking forward to give my best and contribute as much as I can towards organisation’s growth.

Rahul Saini
Gaurav Passi

Management provides a free hand to think and implement best solutions while maintaining work life balance. In 11+ Years of development experience i found Black Piano one of the best company to work with in my career.

Gaurav Passi
Rutika Thakkar

Being part of Black Piano feels great! It is unquestionably customer as well as employee centric company.
Provides ample opportunities for learning, good work life balance, positive and helpful environment.
Great management and communication practices ensure continued growth of the company with a happy and productive workforce.

Rutika Thakkar
Meghna Kharche

Black Piano is a an organization which is full of passion, phenomenal work environment and great team spirit. It inspires me and provided me with a platform to learn, evolve, and constantly evaluate my progress. I like the mindset & forward thinking of the management and work culture. For me, this is more than a job. I’m investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me. I would say Black Piano is a place to work where we can “accomplish more together.

Meghna Kharche
Akshay Rajwadkar

With close to a decade of industry experience in the QA Sphere driven by the need to seek continuous improvement, an opportunity to work with Black Piano was exactly the assignment my career needed to shift into the next gear.
Not only am I provided a platform to showcase my skillset with ample and equal amounts of support and flexibility, but I am afforded the most essential of privileges that an individual needs to excel in their duties – the trust in their abilities to deliver!
It’s also great having a management team that you work with rather than work for, allowing for transparent and effective communication within the organization and ensuring personal aspirations are actively fostered.
Considering how I’ve been empowered to contribute in a multitude of operational roles, and the technical exposure gained within my first year here, I’ve no doubt I’ve made the right professional decision by joining Black Piano.

Akshay Rajwadkar

Let’s work together